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The 3 best metal detectors

Hi, as I told you last week, Today I will present you the 3 metal detectors among the best on the market in terms of value for money. I remind you that this ranking is my own and that you may not agree with it. If so, I invite you to put your suggestions in the comment space in order to make them enjoy everyone. I would also remind you that there is legislation on detection and invite you to do a search about it if you do not know it. So, here are the 3 best metal detectors on the market.

ACE 250 :

The ACE 250 is the ultimate detector for beginners. It’s very easy to use which allows you to quickly take it into your own hands if you’re not used to using this kind of device. In addition, it is a detector that “goes down” quite deep since it can find a coin at a depth of twenty centimeters. It costs about 250 euros with a headset and a disc protector.

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XP Deux :

The XP Deux is certainly the best-known metal detector. It is a detector that is more made for people who already have experience in detection. Indeed, it is harder to adjust than entry-level detectors like the ACE 250. However, it has a very important detection capability. Indeed, it has already happened to find coins at more than 40cm deep with this device. It is a quality detector but unfortunately it is expensive, 1100 euros all-inclusive.

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Deteknix Scuba Tector :

The Deteknix Scuba Tector is as its name suggests a detector to go underwater. It is very convenient to detect in the sea, in rivers … but unfortunately it can’t be used on land as a normal detector. For my part, I have never tested it but I know people who have detected with and confirmed to me that it was very convenient for detection in aquatic environments. It costs about 200 euros.

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(All of the links above will redirect you to Amazon and if you buy one of these detectors, I will receive a small commission which allows me to finance a little part of my blog. These links are not for profit).

Here are the top three detectors. If you are a beginner, I advise you to buy the 250 and if you want to upgrade to the level above, I recommend the Deus. As for the Deteknix, I would advise you only if you can often detect in aquatic environments. Otherwise it may not serve you often.

I hope that this article has been useful to you and that it will help you if you wish to acquire a metal detector. Also, good luck to the detectorists, I wish you lots of beautiful finds. As for the next article, it will be certain “the 5 most important Roman emperors”. See you next week!

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