My name is Cédric Astier and I have been collecting Roman coins since I was 11 years old. I started this collection the day when, with my father and my brother, we were walking in the streets of Clermont-Ferrand. At this moment, I saw in the showcase of a numismatist, Roman coins for sale. I found it incredible to have the possibility to hold an object of more than 1700 years in the hands. So my father decided to buy me one, a nummus of Constantine. And it was from that moment that I decided to start the collection. Today, I am over 120 coins and I continue to buy and sell. As it is an unusual passion, I decided to create the blog “Empire des Monnaies”, in order to make it known to the greatest number of people. And especially to help you progress in the world of numismatics.

On this blog, I will put online a new article every two weeks about coins, their context …, to share with you my experience as a young collector of Roman coins but also to accompany you in the collection. I will also put various coins for sale as well as information products. Wishing you a good continuation in numismatics and a good day.

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