Here is all the material I use for my collection. If you are interested in any of these items, click the link * under the subject to learn more.

Information material

  • Reference book : Die Münzen der Romischen Kaiserzeit

Indispensable for any collector of Roman coins, it is unfortunately in German but perfectly understandable. Personally, I don’t understand a word of German but I can use it perfectly.

Link :

Storage and protection equipment

  • Storage locker :

Ideal for presenting your coins and for saving space by stacking.

Link :

  • Presentation framework :

Ideal for presenting your rarest coins and for protecting them.

Link :

  • Protective capsule :

Very useful for protecting and presenting your coins that are not in a locker.

Link : Presentation framework

  • Soft protective bag :

Individual small bag ideal for storing your loose coins with little risk of damaging them.

Link : Lindner 782 Sachets multi-usage, les 100

  • Rigid protective small bag :

Individual small bag ideal for storing your loose coins without any risk of damaging them.

Link : Leuchtturm Pochettes Numismatiques à 1 Pièce, 50×50 mm

Other material

  • Precision weighing machine :

Ideal for weighing your coins to check the normality of the weight.

Link : Balance de Poche de Precision, 100g 0,01g, Balance de Précision, Balances de Bijoux, Ecran LCD Tactile, Fonction de Tarage

  • Pocket magnifier :

30x magnification, convenient to carry and essential to see all the details of your coins.

Link : DIGIFLEX, Loupe pour bijoutiers, avec 30 Compartiment avec verre de 21 mm

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