Around the Roman coin is a book on all aspects surrounding the Roman coins. Like their price, the identification, the purchase, …. Finally, the environment of numismatics.

I wrote this book to help you in your collection and to let you know things sometimes ignored. If you read it and it allows you to learn just one more information, then I would have achieved my goal. If you are interested, read it. It’s free so enjoy it.

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Reader reviews

I want to thank you for sending me your book (around the Roman coin). Very interesting book that would have really helped me a few years ago and I think very sincerely that it will help a lot … of people! It still strengthened me on certain opinions that I had and that brings me confidence in my knowledge thanks to you and your book thus novices or seasoned, your book is interesting! A simple, precise and clear book that allows you to learn the basics and to evolve properly …

from Julien (Translate from French)

I read your book on Roman coins! It is really very well presented! At once simple and complete! It will help us for the next Roman coins! Thank you very much

from Rémi (Translate from French)