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How much does a Roman coin cost ?

One question that often comes up is “How much does a Roman coin cost?” So I’m going to answer that.

What you need to know is that in this situation, there are two categories of people. The first one which says, “it’s very old so it’s expensive”. And the second one that says “it’s just an old piece of rusty metal so it’s worthless.” Already, Roman coins are not rusting. In fact, they are not composed of iron but of metals that do not oxidize by rust. And then, some costs only a few euros and others, several hundred thousand euros (this is the subject of the next article). So these two categories of people, have no reason or wrong except for rust, that’s impossible. Indeed, a Constantin’s nummus is easily found for 5 euros*. For my part, my first currency was bought for 15 euros. On the other hand, an aureus, any emperor combined, costs most of the time thousands of euros.

So you don’t have to be rich to buy a Roman coin because 5 euros is enough. It all depends on the rarity of the currency but with 30-40 euros, you can buy a very correct currency. If you are a beginner and want to buy your first Roman currency, I advise you to have a budget of 20-30 euros even if as I said 5 euros are enough.

But with 40 euros or even 30 euros, you can buy a coin of very good quality and anyway, at the beginning it is useless to spend a lot. For example, it is not uncommon to find an coin of Antoninus Pius for 30 euros.

So, to answer for the question “how much does a Roman currency cost?” Well, there’s coins at every prices. And above all, there is no need rich to buy one. Less than 30 euros is more than enough. In the next article, as mentioned above, I will present the most expensive Roman coin in the world so don’t miss it.

See you next week!

*(the prices said are for the France, it can change for the different countries)

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