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5 Roman coins to have first

Hi, here is after two weeks of waiting the new article dedicated to the 5 Roman coins to have first. You are obviously not obliged to buy its currencies in particular ; this is just advice. Here are the coins now.

First Roman coin : the nummus of Constantinus

I had to advise you, the famous nummus of Constantine, my first coin. I recommend it because it costs little. Less than 15 euros* for a beautiful one and it allows you to discover the collection. Also, if you finally decide not to continue the collection, you can sell it very easily. So, it’s a coin with a lot of advantages.

Second Roman coin : the denarius of Antoninus Pius

The second coin is a denarius of Antoninus Pius. I recommend it because it is an emperor of great notoriety and you can find a beautiful denarius for thirty euros. In addition, these coins are generally of good quality. Indeed, their reliefs are often very pronounced which allows to have many details present. That’s why if you want a good quality silver coin with a budget of 30 euros, turn to it.

Third Roman coin : the sesterce

The third currency is not a particular coin but a type of coin. This is the sesterce. This type of Roman coins is certainly the best known. These coins are characterized by a large diameter with a generally irregular outline making it a very characteristic coin. I will tell you some interesting sesterces among many others. There are, for example, those of Antoninus Pius, those of Commodus or those of Hadrian. To acquire a good quality sesterce, you only need to have a budget of 40-50 euros.

Fourth Roman coin : the as from Nimes

The fourth coin is certainly the most well-known Roman coin. This is the as from Nimes. This coin is very interesting from an aesthetic point of view since one can see on its avers, the profiles of Octave Auguste and Agrippa and on its revers, a crocodile chained to a palm tree. Unfortunately, for this currency it takes about 150 euros to have a nice one but otherwise there are also half as from Nimes. These are as from Nimes cut in half (the fact that there is only half is done on purpose, it was to fight against the shortage of divisional coins. Today, it’s like if we cut a 2 euro coin in half to have two 1-euro coins.) These Semi as from Nimes usually cost about thirty euros for a correct state.

Fifth Roman coin : the Antoninian of Gallien

The fifth coin is an Antoninian of Gallien, just like The Nummus of Constantin, it costs inexpensive, 15-20 euros each. They are often of very good quality, with beautiful reliefs and generally, Gallien’s portrait is often very well detailed. Also, quite often, the legend is easy to read which makes it a very good workout to decipher these inscriptions. So, it’s a perfect currency to start with.

These are the coins I advise you to buy first. I hope this article will have you useful, the next one will be “The 3 most important Roman treasures discovered” so don’t miss it. See you next week!

*(All the prices are for the France, these can change according to your country)

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