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5 items essential to the collection of coins

Today, I will present in this article the 5 essential items to the collection of coins. They are the basis of all the material, are the main objects and the most useful. In addition, they are cheap. Finally, these different objects will allow you to learn more, to organize your collection … to do basic actions in numismatics. Enough talk, here they are.

First Object : A Book

The first object and probably the most important because it will allow you to practice on the subject and learn a lot at the beginning. This is a book. When I started, I didn’t have the Internet and my only knowledge came from books. As a book, I advise you of course and as usual Die Munzen der Romischen Kaserzeit. Available for less than 35 euros, which can be a lot for some, but this is a very good investment. In addition, it is very important to have documentation even if you have the Internet at your fingertips. If you’re interested in this book, click on the link below.

Link :

Second object: a notebook or USB stick

The second item is simply a small notebook in which you will mark your recently acquired coins. I do not advise you to mark everything on a USB stick because sometimes some data disappears suddenly. That’s why it’s best to do it on a small notebook. In addition, its price is not expensive because it costs less than 2 euros. These notebooks are available in every supermarket.

Third item: a presentation tray

The third item is essential to present your coins in the best way and at a lower cost. This is a plate for coins. These play can store and protect your coins and can accommodate thirty to sixty depending on the diameter of the alveoli, so you don’t have to buy many to have a large collection. They cost less than $20 and are, in my opinion, the easiest way to embellish your collection. (Click on the link below to know more)

Link :

Fourth object : a magnifying glass

The fourth object will allow you to observe every detail of your coins. Indeed, it is simply a magnifying glass. Generally, people already own one at home but if it is not the case for you, I advise you to buy one as soon as possible and a pocket if possible. Indeed, pocket magnifying glasses are small and foldable so that we can take them everywhere with us unlike large magnifying glasses that are cumbersome and inconvenient to carry around. The price of these pocket magnifying glasses is quite low, about 7 euros. (Click on the link below to know more)

Link :

Fifth object : a precision balance

The fifth and final object is useful for weighing your coins since it is a scale. It is very convenient to have a balance because knowing the weight of your coins is very important. Indeed, weight is a determining factor in some cases to know whether your coins are genuine or not. I advise you to have a pocket scale and accurate. This way, you can carry it everywhere with you and know exactly the weight of your coins. These scales usually cost less than 10 euros.

Link :

These are all the things that are important to have. Don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment space the objects that are most useful to you for numismatics. I also tell you that all links to objects will redirect you to Amazon and are affiliated links. This means that with each purchase of an item, I get a small commission which allows me to finance a part of the blog. You can also find these objects on “my material” page.

Hopefully this article will have been useful to you, the next one will be the “5 coins to have first” so don’t miss it. Exceptionally, it will be published in two weeks. See you in two weeks!

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