My two books about roman coins

Hi, in this article I will give you a full presentation of my two books. Know already that these two books are available here. So I’ll tell you why I wrote them, what they are used for, how to get them … Also, don’t forget that one of these two books is completely free. So don’t hesitate to ask. Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter and enjoy reading.

What books are these?

These are the two books Around Roman the Coin and the Roman Coins in Only 20 pages (available in english very soon). As I said before, you can find them here.

Why did I write them?

First of all, the purpose of this blog is to share my passion and make it discover as many of you as possible. Also, I wanted to teach you things and help you with numismatics. So I thought the best way was to write a book. So I decided to create the Roman Coins in Only 20 pages, but later I found that many topics about Roman coins had not been covered. Therefore, instead of making a second edition of the previously cited book, I decided to create a new book: Around the Roman Coin. Thus, I was able to cover the most important areas on Roman coins and make them accessible to everyone. But what are these two books really about?

What are these two books about?

First of all, when I wanted to write the Roman coins in Only 20 pages, I wanted to create a short summary on Roman coins. Therefore and as its title indicates, this book covers the main knowledge of numismatics of Roman coins in 20 pages. The topics covered in this book are: the history of Ancient Rome, the making of Roman coins, the different types of Roman coins, the two sides of Roman coins, legend and how to tell the true from the fake.

This book is available in digital format for 4€. It may be available in paper format, but the printing will not be very qualitative and it will be more expensive (7 €) due to the shipping costs.If you want it, I highly recommend the digital format because in addition to a lower price, you always have it with you since you will have it in your smartphone (and all your devices: computer, tablet…).

After writing the Roman Coins in Only 20 pages, I found that many areas of Roman coins were not covered. So I decided to write another book. This book: Around the Roman Coin is about, as the name suggests, of all the subjects surrounding Roman coins. They therefore discuss the identification, pricing of coins, cleaning, conservation of Roman coins but also where to find them.

For its part, this book is free. I wanted with this one to offer a completely free product in order to discover numismatics. So if you like this book, click here. Don’t hesitate, it’s free, so the worst thing that can happen to you is to waste time reading it. One more thing, this book is only available in digital format.

How do you get them?

For the Roman Coins in Only 20 pages, you just have to click here.

To receive Around the Roman Coin, click here or send me an e-mail directly to the address and you will receive the book in pdf format by e-mail. I’ll say it again but this book is completely free so don’t hesitate to ask me.

This article is now complete. It’s shorter than the usual ones but I think I said the right thing. If you have any questions, please send them to me in the comments area or directly by e-mail. Also, if you have an article topic that you like, let me know. As for next week’s article, it will focus on “the main Roman festivals”. See you next week !

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