How to determine the roman coin price ?

How to determine the price of a Roman coin?

To determine the price of a Roman coin,

it must first be identified. I refer you to my article “How to identify the price of a Roman coin.” (To find out, I invite you to read my book Around the Roman Coin. It is available for free at the end of this article). This article will teach you how to identify a Roman coin very easily and quickly.

After identifying it, the rest is very simple. Just look for a coin like yours on the internet or in a recent book that gives the prices of the coins. (It is best to use a recent book as the prices are constantly variance. As a result, it may be wrong if the book is old). If you want to identify your coin via the Internet, I advise you to go to eBay and go into the category “successful sales”. This category shows all the latest sales that have taken place in relation to the coin you are looking for. This way, you’ll know how far your coin can sell. About identification through a book, I recommend Die Munzen der Romischen Kaiserzeit (see “my material” page). This book is a book presenting the estimation of the different Roman coins.

Also very important: the state. The more good your currency is, the higher its value and vice versa. That’s why I advise you to check the price of your coin with a book. The books give you an estimate based on the price of this latter. And the state of a coin, is one of the most important factors in the value of a coin in general. After finding the coast, it’s good, you have determined the price of your coin.

One last thing, if you can’t find your money on the internet or in the books, don’t panic, stay calm. This can mean that it is rare and can therefore be expensive. If this situation presents, go to a professional numismate to determine the price of your coin. In addition, it is always interesting to have contacts or to make yourself known to professionals. These can bring you a lot of knowledge about numismatics.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. The next one will be “5 essential items for collecting coins,” so don’t miss it. See you next week!

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